Laundyhub wishes everyone a Happy Wesak Day!

Wesak day, also known as Vesak or Buddha's birthday, is celebrated mainly by Buddhists but is gaining attention from other religions as well due to the fact that we live in a multicultural country. This special day is celebrated to mark three vital events in Buddha's life; his birth, enlightenment, and his departure from the human world.

It is also a day where we reflect upon ourselves, to let bygones be bygones, and to focus on the current issues at hand. We must also not forget about those that are in need. Everyone has their ups and downs in life, we ought to help those that we can. A highly respected individual, Mr Kuan Chee Heng, aka Mr. Potato, is known to aid the poor regardless of race or religion. Everyday, he responds to calls of help primarily regarding food and money. Those who are able, can collect at his home while those that aren't, he will send to their doorstep. This man is truly a gem among us. We hope that others will be inspired and emulate his behavior as well.

Enjoy your holiday, we are still open all day as usual. 🙂 Find the locations of all our branches here.