Earth Hour 2018 – Turn your Lights off 1 hour


Come 24 March 2018, we will celebrate the 11th anniversary of Earth Hour, which started back in 2007. Let’s face it, climate change is real and is here to stay. We have all experienced it first hand. Gone were the days of the cool weather we enjoyed. Now, it feels like we are living inside an oven. Rainy days are what we look forward to for salvation. We have to make a change to save our home, Earth, and that change starts with ourselves.

Try to incorporate these three ‘R‘s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle into your daily routine. Simple things to start from are to bring your own recyclable bag when shopping, donate unused wardrobe, buy environmentally friendly products and last but not least, turn off lights and electronic devices when not in use.

An extra action you can take is by making sure the load is full when doing laundry at our respective Laundryhub outlets. Full load = Clothing are below the orange line at the Washing Machine.

Everyone is invited to turn off their lights for one hour on Saturday, 24 March 2018 at 8.30pm (local time) to show your support for our Environment.

If you  are @ Kuala Lumpur, you can join in on the WWF Earth Hour 2018 Night Walk. See more details here

Visit us anytime you are available, we are open rain or shine, 24 hours everyday all year long. 🙂  Find our locations of all our branches here.

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